Get into shape for the summer - come Aqua

Aquacise is a fun, relaxing and very effective way of exercise. Everyone can participate, regardless of age, gender or fitness level. Even non-swimmers are welcome. Everyone works at their own pace so there is no pressure to keep up with someone else. It is a tiring but not exhausting form of exercise.

 The benefits of exercising in water are numerous. As your body is 90% submerged, the impact of exercise is only about 10%, making it stress-free for your joints. Water provides automatic resistance to work against, but also provides support, making it a very safe environment to exercise in. A workout provides cardio-vascular training while at the same time working all the muscle groups, with less delayed onset of muscle soreness. The hydrostatic pressure of water improves blood circulation and alleviates cardiac problems. It is a very safe environment to exercise for pregnant women as well.

Water can also provide an excellent opportunity for athletes and sportsmen and women to work at high intensity levels, without overstressing their bodies. Sessions can include circuit training and interval training, and aqua step training. For athletes recovering from injuries, water can provide an excellent environment to keep up their fitness levels without doing more damage to the injured muscle.

Overall, your everyday stress will be released when exercising in water with the laughter encouraged by the playful qualities of water. The massaging effect of the water will induce a feeling of relaxation and tranquility, so you will leave the pool feeling energized, refreshed and ready to take on the world!

Come join our classes:

Monday Wednesday and Friday morning at 8.00-8.45

Monday and Wednesday evenings at 18.00- 18.45

It's fun for young and old!


1x week R170pm

2x week and more R330pm 

Drop in class R60